The Eyeshadow Colors That Bring Out the Best in Brown Eyes and How to Wear Them

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Do you find that wherever you go, there are a lot of people with brown eyes staring at you? The vast majority of people on this planet have brown eyes, just like we do

Do you find that wherever you go, there are a lot of people with brown eyes staring at you? The vast majority of people on this planet have brown eyes, just like we do. According to information obtained from the Vision Center, between 70 and 80 percent of people around the world have natural eye colors that resemble irises. However, despite the prevalence of brown eyes, there is a wide range of tones and gradations that can be found within this common eye color. Each of these forms of brown eyes possesses a unique and stunning beauty all its own. For example, light brown eyes tend to give off an air that is kind, carefree, and frequently youthful due to the vivid hue of their color. On the other hand, people with dark brown eyes tend to give off an air of mystique and intensity because the deep look can make them appear to be difficult to interpret. Last but not least, eyes with a medium brown hue tend to exude a friendly and reliable vibe.


Eyes that are brown will look better with green eyeshadow.


  • Although green and brown are very different colors, they both exude a nature-like and earthy vibe, so when it comes to fashion and beauty, it's common for these two colors to work well together

  • In addition, different hues of green will look great with the many different types of brown eyes

  • For instance, if you have light or medium brown eyes, using an ultra-light yellow-green eyeshadow will add to the innocent-looking charm of your eyes, while using a shimmery green eyeshadow will add to the depth of your eyes if you have darker brown irises

  • Emily Kate Warren, a makeup artist, recommends to Allure readers that they should not be afraid to experiment with different finishes

  • There is a wide variety of green tones, both matte and metallic, and all of them will pick up any flecks of brown that are present

Check out the Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeshadow in Freak for a lime green shimmer if you have brown eyes and are looking for a green shadow that is shimmery, yet not overpowering in its intensity. This shiny vegan eyeshadow retails for less than $20 at Sephora, and it has received over 4 out of 5 stars across more than 200 customer reviews, with the vast majority of reviewers recommending that customers purchase it. Or, if you are looking for an inexpensive eyeshadow palette that offers a variety of green tones ranging from very light to very dark, you may want to take into consideration the SHEGLAM Cactus Cool Palette, which is available at Shein for approximately $8. This palette, which offers a plethora of different leafy options, has received an almost perfect rating from the tens of thousands of customers who have purchased it.

Eyes that are brown are brought to life by the playful use of purple eyeshadow.
If you have brown eyes and enjoy using purple eyeshadow, you will be pleased to learn that this royal color is a great option for brown eyes. Brown eyes look especially beautiful when highlighted with this color. According to makeup artist Vanessa Ungaro, who spoke to Glamour about her work, brown eyes look great with any shade of purple, from eggplant to lavender. This is because purple brings out the deepest brown color in your irises. It's a fact: using eyeshadow in a dark purple color makes brown eyes look warmer and more luxurious. In addition, using a darker, glittery purple eyeshadow makes dark brown eyes appear even more intense than they already are, which is a look that is sure to turn heads. In addition, lavender shadows give the appearance of lighter and more vivid brown eyes.

If you have brown eyes and are looking for a purple eyeshadow palette that has received a lot of positive feedback, you should look into the Revlon ColorStay Day to Night palette in 530, Seductive. This quad contains four different shimmery purple shadows, ranging from extremely light to somewhat light, medium, and dark, respectively. It should come as no surprise that this mini-eyeshadow palette is an Amazon's Choice product given that it has a star rating of four or more and has received more than 14,000 customer reviews. This was a great price for a nice selection of shades, as Bollycats, the reviewer, so eloquently and succinctly summarizes the palette. It brings a sparkle to my eyes!

Golden eyeshadow brings out the shimmer in brown eyes.
There is no rule that says you have to wear a bright color like green or purple to make your brown eyes look better; golden shadows can also make your irises look more defined. Golden eyeshadows will help bring out the more glamorous undertones of your natural shade of brown eyes, as stated by MasterClass. This is because many people who have brown eyes already have hints of yellow and gold in their eye color. Your eyes will stand out whether you choose to wear a glitter eyeshadow that is lighter, more buttery, or a warmer variation of gold eyeshadow. Makeup artist Ashley Gomila tells Ipsy that gold-toned eyeshadows are her go-to choice when looking for a color that will accentuate brown eyes. This shade is one that I gravitate toward because I find that it enhances the captivating and hypnotic quality of darker eye colors.

Consider purchasing the ColourPop Super Shock Shadow in Cheap Date from Ulta if you are looking for a shimmering golden eyeshadow that will complement your brown eyes. This eyeshadow is currently being sold for only $6. This trustworthy eyeshadow is free from animal testing, and it has received an outstanding rating of more than four stars across more than 900 customer reviews. Or, if you prefer to apply eyeshadow with a stick, you can purchase the ColourPop Colour Stix Eyeshadow in Tempt for approximately $7; it also has over 4 stars on the company's website. Golden eyeshadow will always bring out the shimmer in your brown eyes, regardless of the situation. The question is, which of these shades of eyeshadow do you intend to apply to your lids first?