New World: Scott Teases New Zones, Leaderboards Changes, & Bigger Companies

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Thank you, these sexy beasts. Wen order to watch today's content, We will discuss the end at the beginning. We want to emphasize a few points. Some of the things they said, you know, We think it's good, maybe it's good, maybe it's bad. We will discuss it in this con

It's a very interesting thing until the end of the game. We begin to appreciate it very much. Obviously, the fans continue to call me a fan of the new world, and welcome any new comers. My name is Brian. 


Thank you, these sexy beasts. Wen order to watch today's content, We will discuss the end at the beginning. We want to emphasize a few points. Some of the things they said, you know, We think it's good, maybe it's good, maybe it's bad. We will discuss it in this content, But at the end of the latest Forge in eternum, Scott, what is interesting about them is that they are very interesting. This is one thing that We really appreciate these developers. This is their behavior in the real world at least for me. 


We think it is very exciting. We really like one thing that this team has done in this competition, which is the ease they have brought me. They are working hard, Every time We talk to them, We can feel very well that they are trying to do a good job with this game. That is to say, this game is not without problems, but it is also a game with content and road map. 


We see that they continue to provide, the only exception is the leaderboard, which is the only missed one in 2022, or you know the road map, but at the end of the content, Scott joked that we need more land. We need more land. This is because they are making fun of new areas. We already know that new areas are coming, but in fact, they are willing to share this. 


We believe we will get developer updates at the end of this month or early March, because we start to enter the new PTR, which will be launched here in the next few days, if not in the week, Because tomorrow's leaderboard will officially enter the live service competition, which is an argument between players and fans. Personally, We think that if they decide to save it until spring, when We think is rushing into PTR, We think this is not a connection, but the latest update makes me feel a little bit. We hope they can admit some level of feedback, such as moving the leaderboard out of the mode part of the menu, which seems meaningless in the mode. You can let me know whether We am crazy, well, but We may be crazy, But at the end of the day, before they really start to talk about feedback, it is very absurd to let it enter the mode. They did continue to mention that the rewards of opr have been transferred to victory. Wet sounds like they will still get points. We think there will still be people who will destroy the points. 


This will be a frustrating thing, but We think it will only last a little at a certain point, Chasing scores doesn't really let you get anything. Wet has nothing to do with your opr score. They are related to your op. Let me know how it makes you feel. Welcome all the opinions you know. This is one of the things We have always liked. We like to listen to others' opinions. 


Personally, We think it is very clear that in a victory, you know, you will feel a little depressed, because you rely on strangers, to some extent, Because this is not a pre-formed group, but it also shows the fact that you are not fighting with a pre-formed group, so should hope to be inspired, try and win the game. We still think they need to do a lot of work in the league table, which is why We would be very satisfied if they finally postponed the game to spring, but We now understand why they did not postpone the game. We understand why the code is already in the game, just as it already exists. Based on what they started to talk about in the recent Lucky Championship, We tend to let me believe that there will be bigger things and bigger changes in the future, which will be more time and more difficult things. You may know that if they continue to move forward and delay, they will not necessarily have the same level of success, Because they are still building the next iteration, the spring iteration release, we know that we are getting something really important We think Gear Set will be our real game changers. We hope they can eliminate this set. We personally think it will save me all the time and frustration and let me play more games. You know, sometimes We have a lot of time to play, sometimes We have a little time to play. Wef you want to play, We have plans to watch it with me on Twitch or Discord on the next community game day on Saturday, February 25, Wef you like my content subscription, it will be a good time. Just like these are good ways to help these content, We can't express enough information to you. Subscription may not directly help me, but it gives me more opportunities to hope to have an exclusive interview with developers, which gives me more opportunities to listen to your voice and ensure that they can hear from the depths, This is not about me, you know, but We am the voice you hear. 


It should be about us and what we hope the new world will become. We hope We can represent you very well, because We am a father and We am a gamer. We found a job. We usually shoot these content during the 30-minute lunch break. Thanks to my editor Jack, he keeps playing content on the opinion, So you must thank Jack in the following comments. We am also considering opening membership, like the total monthly revenue of the opinion is about 200 250. 


We think this will be a way to help me ensure that We can pay Jack's fees, because he is absolutely worth the money. But now you know, if you don't know the YouTube advertising revenue, it is random, which is a bit crazy. Sometimes you do well, sometimes you just need to wait, Look at the next big publicity cycle or similar things, but in any case, just lock it on the opinion and let me know what you think about anything. But, there is another thing We think is cool. This is what you know. We want to share my developer experience with you. 


They talked about opening more er players in the guild. This will be huge for me and for us as a community, We often encounter limits. We have to kick people out. We have a 60-day inactivity policy, so we have room to increase them when they come back or start. We want to encourage people. 


You are very welcome to start and rest, and then come back. Wef you want to play with us, this should not be a game full of pressure. Time should be free of pressure. Wef they increase the number of guilds, This will help in several ways. First, in the war, we don't have enough active personnel to try and occupy the land. This is one of the things We have always wanted to do. 


We really want to do this, but We need more active personnel. This is also my responsibility. Just like my ability to play games all the time doesn't always exist. We have family and obligations. You really like this. We think from the perspective of sound, We do provide a unique perspective. Well, although We am better than him, We am not a gold medal in asthma. 


We are not a full-time broadcaster as you know. Although like my friend Chris, he is a full-time broadcaster. So if you pay attention to Twitter, you may often see that he plays the new world. He plays a lot of MMOs. 


He has a lot of good understanding of these games. You can ask him any questions at any time, But the increase in the size of the guild will be huge, which means that from the technical point of view of developers, it means that more data must be transmitted. Every little thing they add is data and data output. Then you must think about how much the total cost of sending is now, not only the frequency of sending, but also what it looks like. 


They haven't repaired the list of friends you know personally, This is my hope to send Scott a list of my latest questions. We hope that we can get some answers about friends. Wen my book, this list will be a huge victory for me to get such a job and operation. Well, yes, this is also my favorite company Just like they can do many things in this system, We hope to see the development of this system. Personally, We don't think We will say that if they say it is 100 now, we will give you 200 or 300, or any number they choose, so that we can unlock as a company. We think 100 is a good number. Wef we want to do some company tasks or upgrade to a company, Let's unlock so that we can add more content, which is what many other MMOs tend to do, because companies and guilds will eventually be used more for personal affairs. Many people like it. Yes, We got my company. 


It says five people are five friends. This is a great function and a good tool. Well, how can we develop it into something bigger? We mean, well, let's play together, let's upgrade it, unlock the function, even unlock Buff and all kinds of cool things. There are many opportunities to take advantage of the company system that has not yet been used. We would like to see the development of this aspect in 2023, but let me know what you think. 


We don't know that We won't waste your time and content for long enough, because this is, uh, what do you think of Scott's "Big Tea House" in terms of more land, uh, do you think we will see some blockbusters this fall, uh, We think we will see paid expansion this fall. Well, do you have any theory? We'd love to read it. We hope you like the content. I hope you have a wonderful Monday. I hope I can see you in the next content.